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omgg loveeee

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sometimes i start thinking about how benedict’s sex moans would be and i just

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Queen Anne Room- Central - Presenter- Benedict Cumberbatch, Actor

“It’s with great pride that I’m presenting DofE Gold Awards, what these young people have achieved is fantastic, not just for themselves but for their communities. As an actor I know how much their experiences and the skills they’ve developed matter, without determination and passion I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wish them every success for the future.”


One more

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Benedict Cumberbatch in his 2013 short, 'Little Favour'

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femmev's thoughts: Who was the woman with Benedict at the academy awards?

Karon Maskill, his publicist.

I had wanted him to take his Mom. That would have been so Sweet & Cute & Kind of him. 

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Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing U2.



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Hi-Res ! 2014 03 01 - Los Angeles - Grey Goose Pre-Oscar Party at Sunset Tower by Jamie McCarthy

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Caption : WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 01: Actor Benedict Cumberbatch attends GREY GOOSE Pre-Oscar Party at Sunset Tower on March 1, 2014 in West Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Jamie McCarthy for GREY GOOSE)


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Dorks … Tom n Ben

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That laugh

How cuuuuute

Always will forever remain cute Xxxx

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Higher than the beasts, lower than the angels. Stuck in our idiot’s Eden…(x)(x)

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Perfect answer is perfect. x

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The Lost City of Z. - Cineplex magazine Jan. 2014

Just saw this and scanned it…looks interesting. :)

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